To develop a competitive and success strategy in the international markets is essential to understand the client culture, to develop a communications skills in foreign languages and analyze the legal factors and economic forces that affect the business environment. Nevertheless, it is also necessary to have an active network of business partners in the local market to provide a quality products.

Export Concept with its head office in Italy and its strategic  international network of partners work closely to ensure growing clients’ business.

Export Concept is a business consulting firm compose of a multidisciplinary professionals with international experience whose, combine knowledge and expertise to support small and medium companies to expanding in the global market.

Missions and Values

Our mission is to support the small and medium business to success in the foreign markets, providing them the most quality service to achieve strong, sustainable and profitable growth.

The professionalism and honesty belong to our business core value. Export Concept is commitment to act with integrity, responsibility and confidentially in the business relations with our clients and partners.

Corporate responsability

Export Concept is commitment to their professionals, clients and community welfare.

The corporate responsibility is a fundamental issue of our strategy concept. Therefore, the main focus of  the firm is to provide not only a professional and ethical services, but also integrate corporate citizenship and social responsibility into every aspect of our company.