We bring together, the deep understanding of the customer’s needs, the develop of innovative concepts and the use of the modern communication technologies, to provide corporate strategies with highly successfully tactics from the consumers and customers approach.

The specialize marketing strategy service, is base on a special focus in the management company aspects, the customer needs and the development of a competitive strategies. This elements give us the possibility to create specific strategies and marketing plans to maximize the profit of our company clients.

To ensure that our clients achieve sustainable competitive strategies; the experts of Export Concept combine their special knowledge with their practical experiences to provide the solutions for the most critical challenges and transform them in successful enterprises.

Our marketing strategies services:

  • International marketing strategies.
  • Creative advertising material in different languages.
  • Market research
  • Brand communication
  • Production of multimedia and corporate videos material.
  • Selection of brand name.
  • Innovative packaging.
  • Develop of interactive web page in different languages