Services provided:

  •  Fundraising services

European funding search for exports support

  • Export Marketing Strategy

Definition of marketing plan for brand positioning, launch of new products, reserach on Saudi Arabia and China markets.

  • Organization and realization of “Educational tour” and others initiatives of follow up

Organization B2B meetings, educational tour and incoming of German and Chinese operators.

  • Multilingual translation of the website “” and of all the promotional materials
  • Assistance to the development of new contacts and management of relationship with foreign partners

Finding new contacts with trade partner in China, Saudi Arabia and Columbia to establish cooperation with coffee producers.

  • Identification and adaptation of the products to International standards:

Packaging and product adaptation in accordance with International standards and regulation, trademark registration of brand “Kalaris”, “Adesso Espresso” and “Adesso” in European and Asian market.

  • Planning and adaptation of promotional materials and packaging

Planning of a video and multimedia catalogue in different languages. Planning of a website for the coffee machine “Adesso Espresso”.

  • Planning and realization of In-store promotion

Planning of gadget and menu display for coffee shop, planning of corner for franchising, poster designing at the stores.

  • Organization and participation to trade fairs

Organization and participation to trade fairs and missions in USA, China, Arab countries (Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait), India, UK, France and in Germany.